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The Online Film Course offers an affordable film course for beginners and intermediate film-makers wishing to learn film-making or
improve their movie-making skills.

The Best Online Film Course
from Sydney's Favourite Film School

Imagine walking on to a film set and understanding the role of every actor and crew member - and you direct them - confidently and effectively...

Now, you're sitting at your computer, and you formulate an award-winning script with living, breathing characters placed inside an amazing story...

Someone gives you a camera - any camera - and straight away you can produce beautiful, cinematic, motion pictures with it...

This online film course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to make a GREAT short-film!

Every great film director started his or her career making short films. And now, you can too! This online film course, conducted by the Sydney Short Film School, will help you gain a broad understanding of all the technical and performance aspects of making a short movie.

You will be learning all the secrets for success from a Tropfest-winning tutor at the Sydney Short Film School - the most affordable movie-making course in Sydney!

The Sydney Short Film School has been running since 2009 and has taught hundreds of students in the art of making short films.

Now, we have taken the best parts of our classroom course and condensed it into a high-value, low-cost, on-demand online film course where we cut to the chase and teach you exactly the things you need to know in a fast, concise and hands-on practical manner.

This online film course will teach you writing, directing, acting, filming, sound recording and editing.

Some of the biggest and best film festivals in the world, like Tropfest, celebrate the art form that is short film, and now YOU can get to make a film worthy of the festival circuit!

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At the Sydney Short Film School, we believe we have the best value film-making class in Australia. Now you can get that great value with our Online Film Course.

Sydney Short
Film School

Our Tried-and-Trusted Curriculum

The Sydney Short Film School has taught hundred of students over the years - many of whom have gone on to follow their own careers in TV and film. The only way to get recognition in this industry is to actually MAKE something. Sure, you could go and spend tens of thousands of dollars on a media degree, but that still won't necessarily prove you can make great films. 

The objective of our course is to give an honest, solid grounding in the art of making short films. We will arm you with the sufficient knowledge you need to get started and look like a pro on set from day one. The course you receive here at the Online Film Course is the same as the one run in our film class, with the exception of reviewing your script and shooting a movie. Everything else is the same or enhanced to make the online experience even better.


Your Journey to Learning Film-Making
  • Lessons in Section 1

    1. Writing a PERFECT Script

    Creating a concept for your story.
    The importance of story structure.
    A study of character archetypes and the mythological
    steps in every great story ever told.
    Understanding the essential elements needed
    in your story to make a WINNING film.
    Correct script formatting.
    How to use modern script-writing software

  • Lessons in Section 2

    2. Casting and Directing - Actor's Performance

    Acting 101 - Understanding the key skills of great screen actors so you know what to look for in yours.
    How to cast your actors.
    How to direct your actors to get the performance you want. How to effectively manage a film-crew.
    Set etiquette. 

  • Lessons in Section 3

    3. Cinematography, Lighting and Sound

    How to light your scene like a pro.
    How to build a low-cost camera rig.
    Cinematography - how to use a DSLR camera for filming (white balance, aperture, depth of field, exposure, framing). How to use a modern digital audio recorder and
    microphone to capture the best possible sound.

  • Lessons in Section  4

    4. Plan and Run Your Shoot

    Finally, ACTION!
    Everything you have learned so far is now put into play!
    Contractual agreements and other legal stuff.
    Preproduction. Get it all together like a professional. 
    The logisitics of film-making.
    Finding and using locations. Street legals.
    How to manage cast and crew.

  • Lessons in Section 5.

    5. Editing Your Movie

    Basic video editing techniques:- Video Editing Software.
    Editing workflow and techniques.
    Types of cuts and transitions.
    Colour grading.
    Sound mixing.
    Using music and sound effects.
    Music legals.


What do I get?

When you enrol with the Online Film Course you get access to all our lessons for a simple, low-cost monthly fee. There is no contract, and you can cancel at any time.

All our lessons are video based and delivered in easily-digested segments so you are not overloaded. As we add to our lessons, you will have access to them. 

You also get access to our extensive online library filled with all kinds of goodies (worth the price of admission alone). In our library you will find a wealth of texts, resources and really useful information to help you become a great filmmaker.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start your journey into film-making!



“I recently completed the Sydney Short Film School course where I learned about the entire end-to-end process of making movies including sound recording, filming techniques, editing and what makes a good script. “Show don’t tell” is his mantra. If you have an interest in what goes on behind the scenes, then I would highly recommend this movie course.”

 “Ian is an excellent teacher, extremely knowlegable, passionate and experienced in the field of film making. Thanks to the tutor, I was able to progress quickly, gaining the knowledge, experience and confidence to produce my first short film not long after finishing the course. I recommend this course for anyone who wants to pick up the basics of film making.”

“The course was really a lot of fun, especially the short movie we shot. For anyone looking to do short films it really helps by giving you a good grounding. It helped me with my Tropfest entry! No success yet, but at least no big mistakes while making my short movies! Thanks Ian!”


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